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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"The more you read, the more things you will know.The more that you learn, the more places you will go." Dr. Seuss

Read Across America week was a wonderful celebration at West Morgan Elementary! Every fourth grade student and classroom kept a reading log list. We competed with Danville Neel Elementary school to see what school could read the most books. Mrs. Casey's class tallied their voted every morning. Each group of four students would count their books, and then the class counted the total amount. We read picture books daily to students, and they were given plenty of reading time. Parent and even Grandparent volunteers came to read to the students'. On Friday, we had a read in. What is a read in? The students' brought snacks, beach towels, and tons of books to read all day long. Students were also allowed to bring their tablets; for reading only of course! I enjoyed seeing the students so excited to read! Students were even encouraged to reread their favorite books. Anyway, the results came in Friday afternoon, and we WON

What are some fun ways you encourage reading in the classroom? 

Alabama History: Civil War

This is a picture of Mrs. Casey's hallway I decorated. I found this really neat Civil War slang handout from the U.S. Department of Interior site with different slangs they used during that time period.
This went right along with the Civil War unit were finishing up last week. I thought this would be a great way to integrate writing and even art into our Alabama history studies. We had already discussed how people and soldiers communicated with their families during that time period. We talked about how soldiers obtained postage and paper, what they wrote in their letters, their common misspellings due to lack of education, and even where they composed some of their letters. We then viewed some actual Civil War soldiers' letters via PowerPoint. The students composed letters to their families that included: heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature. They had to use at least five slang words in their letters as well. Then we folded, crinkled, and dyed the letters by dipping them in tea. After our letters dried, we shared the letters in class. The fourth grade students' absolutely LOVED it all, especially reading their letters aloud because the slang makes the letters sound really neat (or silly to fourth graders)!

civil WAR SLANG:

CHIEF COOK AND BOTTLE WASHER--person able to do many things



GRAYBACKS--lice or Southern Soldiers




HORSE SENSE--on the ball or being smart

TOP RAIL #1--first class

HUNKEY DOREY--great! fabulous!


SNUG AS A BUG--cozy or comfortable


SKEDADDLE--scatter or run


POSSUM--a pal, friend, or buddy

FIT AS A FIDDLE--healthy or in great shape


SCARCE AS HEN’S TEETH--rare or scarce

HARD CASE--tough


JAILBIRD--criminal or prisoner

HARD KNOCKS--beaten up


PLAYED OUT--worn out

TOEING THE MARK--doing the job

FRESH FISH--—raw/new recruits


GRAB A ROOT--potato or have dinner

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Hello! I am a 26 year old Elementary Education student from Decatur, Alabama. I am married to my amazing husband, Steven. We live in the Morgan County area with our sweet little dog, Lucy. I will be graduating from Athens State University May 3, 2014. Yes, that means I am interning right now! I just wrapped up my internship with Mrs. Roberts first grade classroom at West Morgan Elementary school, and I am now interning with Mrs. Casey's fabulous fourth graders also at WMES.

Why have a blog when I don't have a classroom? Well, I just decided a blog would be a great way to chronicle all of the wonderful experiences, ideas, thoughts, and learning along my journey to becoming an elementary school teacher. I have loved combing through the internet, other blogs, and Pinterest to find tons of amazing, technology incorporating, fun, but most of all learning activities, lessons, games, and etcetera. I think this will be the perfect place to share my favorite experiences!